Queptography Unique Photography by David G Sherburne

David was born and raised in Webster, New York and has remained in the Rochester area because of its beauty and friendly living environment. Rochester is the origin of Kodak making it one of the homes of Photography, a legacy left by George Eastman who was a true business man and humanitarian. David is a member of the George Eastman House and worked for the Eastman Kodak Company for 24 years. The Rochester area offers easy access to many historical sites, the Adirondack Mountains, several wildlife refuges and many other areas that make wonderful photographic venues. Many of David's photographs are right from this area! Photography has always been a passion for David, he began developing black and white prints in the basement over 30 years ago and this passion for photography has never left him. Now David combines business and photography whenever possible and has been lucky enough to travel to China recently to experience Shanghai and Beijing and photograph people, architecture and historic sites. This series of photographs shows the old traditional China and the people that embrace the old traditions and the new China, specifically Shanghai where the growth is and the peoples life styles are rapidly changing. What is Queptography? A childhood friend nicknamed David Quep..... tack that to the end of photography and yes you have it Queptography! Its a unique trademark that when Googled brings up only my unique work! If you have questions or want to ask for tips about shooting David loves to talk photography with people of all experience levels! In 2008 David decided to open a business and begin to share his work more broadly and connect to other talented photographers. His photography is an extension of his love of the outdoors. So David enjoys shooting with natural light capturing nature, people, architecture and other outdoor scenes . Dave works to present his photos in a variety of methods, all of which can be fully customized.