IMG 1127  "Castle In Heaven" IMG 1127nb  "Castle in Heaven" Simple Reflection  Title: Reflections of a Door- Annesy France IMG 1591 Eiffel Tower A  "Parie"
IMG 8899HDR  "The Square" MG 8285  Title: Amsterdam Harbor the famous view 3x2-9169-Triangles  Title: Triangles- Barn in Quebec Canada 4x5-IMG 3126-Annecy Street  Title: Street Colors- Genoa Italy
4x5-IMG 3400-Church on the hill Annecy-HDR 5x4-IMG 3190-Annecy Reflections  Title; Annesy France 5x4-IMG 3586-Vines Castle BW IMG 0609  Title: Shanghai Solitude -  May 2006
Arch de Triumph,sunrise  "Sunrise de Triumph" IMG 2073  "Shanghai Bund" IMG 3178 79 80 tonemapped  "Wine Country" IMG 3666  "Geneva Patterns"
IMG 4028  "Domo Florance Italy" IMG 4218HDR-2  "Heritage" MG 8363 62 61 60 59 58 57  Amsterdam Harbor IMG 4318HDR  "Bridges built in Rome"
3x2-9724-Time and Lime  Title: Boston Bricks IMG 1602 eiffel  "You know" IMG 1779-Angles in Paris-2  "Angles Paris" IMG 8472HDR  "Train Station"
IMG 4453HDR  "Rome, Protected" IMG 5693 Boat House Quebec  "Quebec Old Country" IMG 5535-monument  "Washington" IMG 8289 90 91-Lincoln  "Lincoln's Throne"
IMG 8737HDR  "German Castles" IMG 8820HDR  "View Fit for a King" IMG 8874HDR  "Love and Separation" IMG 9038  "Quebec Windmill"
IMG 9042HDR  "Frankfurt Germany" Rome Collisium  "Ready to Fight"