IMG 3496 Horseshoe Bend-v1  Title: Great Horseshoe Bend- Page Arizona - Was a wonderful experience and right after a sand storm hit, it was like being sand blasted! IMG 3611 2 3 tonemapped  Title: Serenity- Antelope Canyon Page Arizona IMG 3592 3 4 5 6 7 tonemapped  Title: Antelope Canyon Page Arizona IMG 3638 39 40 41 42 tonemapped  Title: Heaven's Presence- Antelope Canyon Page Arizona
North Rim Wonder  North Rim Wonder- Grand Canyon IMG 5493 Zion-2 IMG 6560 Bryce Canyon  Title: Smokin- Bryce Canyon Utah IMG 3385 6 7  Title: Painted Desert - Arizona
IMG 3442  Title: Red Rocks near Page Arizona IMG 7356 tonemapped  Title: *North Rim Strike*- I was inspired by a painting in the lodge of a daytime lighting strike and when this storm came I was determined to get a shot with the lighting during the day. It took me 2 hours and over 700 shots to finally have the shutter match the strike! My mot difficult shot, but most fun photograph ever! IMG 8041 2 3  Title: *Contrast*- Utah - Landscapes are numerous in Utah and there is no way to capture all that you can iin a short period of time. IMG 8048 49 50 tonemapped  Title: STORM - In Utah
IMG 8051 2 3 tonemapped  Title: Waiting For The Storm- I love the western skies in Utah and the storms are incredible to see and experinece. IMG 3438 Fire in the sky  Title: Vortex - I love the oval the reflection of the clouds and the sky makes when you observe this photograph. It pulls me into heaven. IMG 4920 1 2Tonto Forest  Located in Arazonia just outside of Phenoix the Tonto National Forest is a spectacular place to photograph the desert in the spring. The lakes in this area are unique and the terrian is beautiful! IMG 5273HDR  The Grand Canyon is spectacular and the South Rim although crowded offers wonderful views from the rim
IMG 5159HDR  The Grand Canyon is spectacular and the South Rim although crowded offers wonderful views from the rim. IMG 5978 79 80 tonemapped  "Towers, Utah" IMG 3680 1 2 tonemapped  Title: Abundant Rays-Antelope Canyon Page Arizona IMG 3686 7 8 tonemapped  Title: My Time - My time was running out in this photo and I didn't realize it.
IMG 3708 9 tonemapped  Title: Pin Point - Antelope Canyon Page Arizona IMG 3720 1 2 tonemapped  Title: Dual Beams a Sign - Page Arizona IMG 3723 4 5 tonemapped  Title: Lighting From God- Page Arizona IMG 4020 -Vermillion ridge
IMG 8076-sand dunes Desert Sunset  Red Sand Dunes Park -Rejected Composition Sedona