Ashamed  "Ashamed"- This is the famous photograph that has been my trademark for years! MG 6462 IMG 4235 MG 6530 (2)
MG 6586 IMG 4193 MG 6600 IMG 1929-Chippy
IMG 2342-Chippy Rock IMG 8343-Chipmonk Tounge  8x10, 4x6 IMG 8366- Chipmonk Clenched Hands  4x6 P IMG 1931-chippy
MG 7470-8x10 MG 0019 MG 0033 IMG 4204
IMG 4229 IMG 4251 IMG 9555-Come on  4x6 IMG 9550-want a piece of me  4x6 P
IMG 6878-Pdog2 IMG 6912- P Dog