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    David was born and raised in Webster, New York and has remained in the Rochester area because of its beauty and family orientation. Rochester is the the origin of Kodak making it a key historical photographic birthplace, a legacy left by George Eastman who was a business man and true humanitarian. David is a member of the George Eastman House and worked for the Eastman Kodak Company for 24 years. For the photographer the Rochester area offers easy access to many historical sites, the Adirondack Mountains. several wildlife refuges and many other areas that make wonderful photographic destinations. Many of David's photographs are right from the area!

    Photography has always been a passion for David, he began developing black and white prints in the basement over 30 years ago and this passion for photography has never left him. David has been lucky enough to travel to Europe, Canada and China and has photographed people, wildlife, architecture and historic sites. If you have questions or want to ask for tips about photography David loves to talk shop with people at all experience levels and share stories and learning about capturing moments in time through the lens!

    In late 2008 David decided to open a business and begin to share his work more broadly and connect to other talented artists and photographers. His photography is an extension of his love of art and the outdoors so David enjoys shooting with natural lighting capturing moments in natures theater.

    So..... What does Queptography mean? This is a very common question, Quep was a childhood nickname and David thought that blending his nickname with photography would make a unique trademark. So is the birth of Quep_tography! Nothing really that amazing just a unique trademark that's easy to find with search engines!

    David volunteers his time and talent to the Littlest Hero's project, a not for profit group that works with families with children with severe medical conditions to garner support and awareness for childhood illnesses. The goal is to help each child and family in a very small way cope with their challenges. To learn more about the littlest Hero's project or to request David's volunteer services please visit the littlest hero's website;



    Dave works to present his photos in a variety of methods, all of which can be fully customized. All of the works displayed is available in many sizes, printing, framing and matting options, including photo cards. He has a huge selection of images that are also available for sale

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