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David G Sherburne

What is Queptography? This is a question I get from people all the time! Very simply, it is my trademark, that comes from a childhood nickname “Quep”, combined with Pho”tography” makes a very unique way to locate my photography! I selected Queptography because it’s unique and finding unique moments in time and capturing them has been my goal since I first picked up a camera.

Life, Light, and a Little Luck

For most of my life I have enjoyed the challenge of capturing a moment in time and preserving it forever. I started with a simple 35mm camera, a black and white basement darkroom, and began working to perfect the system of variables that dictated exceptional photographic outcomes. I humbly admit that I am still on that journey, and today the equipment and processes are so much different allowing people to have more capabilities than ever before to capture that perfect moment along the journey called life. There is always something new to learn, and the capabilities continue to advance at a pace that keeps things interesting! The most exciting part of my journey has been experiencing the whole digital process transformation from film. Digital presents so much more opportunities to grow and learn, allowing unlimited shooting, real-time images and histograms to help see your exposure at the time you take the photograph! The constantly advancing new camera technology is making huge jumps in sensor capability making capturing more unique and difficult situations like night skies and fast wildlife easier and easier! The barriers to entry have been lowered significantly for most people since the days of George Eastman, and exceptional photographs are being captured every day, with a range of devices from simple to sophisticated and they are being shared ubiquitously on social media, allowing people to appreciate so many more beautiful and unique moments from all over our planet! My feelings about photography have never changed, there is no better way to see the world and there is nothing better than losing a day behind the camera while fishing for that exceptional moment when life, light and a little luck combine for the capture of a lifetime.

Thank you for visiting my website, and special thank you to all of my friends and customers who have supported this life journey of mine, by liking me on Facebook and Instagram under Queptography and purchasing my photographs. I very much appreciate and cherish all of your thoughts, support, and interactions.

Reflections – Annesy France
Heading out for the day

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